Oregon German Shepherd Rescue

Important news from the Oregon German Shepherd Rescue.
As of 11-01-2009 the Oregon German Shepherd Rescue will be closing our doors.
We have loved working with all of you, and we thank you all for your support over the

What about the dogs we still have?
We will continue to look for homes for the remaining dogs we have in our care.
We will not be accepting any other dogs.
If you are interested in one of our remaining dogs please E-MAIL us at

What if we have adopted a dog in the past?
We still expect our adopters to honor their contracts with us.
We care for every dog we have placed, and we will expect that any dog we have
adopted be returned to us if the adoption has issues. This is for the life of the dog.
We will still be doing our follow up e-mails and visits.
We will keep our phone number active, as well as the e-mail, to make it easy for our
past adopters to contact us. If you have any questions please contact me, and I will
gladly help in any way possible.

Unless you are a past adopter please use the e-mail as your contact method. We do
not have the staff to return any calls unless they are from past adopters.

Who can we call if we have a GSD to place?
You can try the Washington German Shepherd Rescue. They do have a limited amount
of foster homes in the Portland / Vancouver area.


Updated 3/15/09